About Us

Captain Garlic Ali (second fom right) with his mother, father and brother Ahmet at the family home in Belenli

Captain ‘Garlic’ Ali was born in Belenli, a small village just outside Kaş and has lived in the area all his life. He is a well known local character, acquiring his nickname a very long time ago, the reason now lost in history (or, in other words, Ali can’t remember!).

With more than 20 years experience both as a fisherman and boatman in the seas around Kaş no one has greater knowledge of the local coastline and sea conditions. Ali’s familiarity with the area enables him to find the most secluded and peaceful spots with the clearest water where our guests can swim, sunbathe and just relax.

This experience, combined with Ali’s renowned skills in the galley where he prepares the most delicious fresh food, help make tours on the Batin 2 so special.

Ali is often helped by his wife Fatma or, when he is not at school, by his son Batın, after whom the boat is named.